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Group Visits

Pain is our enemy and requires an integrative approach to reduce chronic pain.  We know pain management and find that support groups, like our Group Visits, bring our patients to a higher level of living.

Our Group Visits provide an opportunity for our patients to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about pain.  Our groups meet regularly in person and virtually.  We balance our support groups with one-on-one meeting with providers to help guide the benefits of Group Visits.

Speak with your IPS Provider on how to begin participating in Group Visits.

" I found Group Visits to be the missing part of my hope to reduce my back pain and gain a more active life.  I found through others a better mindset and tips for me to live more actively.  I can't say I'm back, but I can say I am closer."

Steve, IPS Group Visit Participant

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