How to Help Others Understand Chronic Pain

Here are some ways to help increase understanding about the challenges of chronic pain:

  1. Know What You Want to Say  

    People who are looking for a job or pitching a business proposition are often advised to have a brief synopsis ready to describe themselves or their idea. Called an elevator speech or an elevator pitch, this conversation is usually about 30 seconds. Try adapting this idea to your chronic pain experience as you meet new friends or see opportunities to increase others' understanding. It's a quick way to boost awareness without getting too bogged down in the details.

  2. Help Others With Chronic Pain  

    Do you have a friend who has chronic pain as well and could benefit from a support group, but is reluctant to give it a try? Invite him or her to join you. Going with a friend to a support group meeting may make your friend more comfortable about attending.

  3. Join an Advocacy Group

    Advocacy organizations for a number of chronic pain conditions hold fundraisers and other events throughout the year. Checking these organizations' websites and Facebook pages can help you stay up-to-date on events.

  4. Spread the Word

    You could ask to set up a table and distribute brochures at a pain management open house, book-signing, or demonstrations of yoga or acupuncture to help others understand.

As you reach out to help others understand chronic pain, continue to expand your knowledge with us! We offer many educational articles on our website!