How Does Hemp Oil Help Manage Chronic Pain?

According to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), an estimated 25.3 million adults (11.2%) experience chronic pain on a daily basis. Even more startling, the analysis reveals nearly 40 million adults (17.6 %) experience severe levels of pain.

With growing awareness around our national opioid epidemic, many are turning to natural supplements for pain management such as Hemp Oil. What is Hemp Oil and how does it help manage chronic pain? Continue reading to find out!

What is Chronic pain?

Chronic pain is ongoing and lasts longer than six months. This is caused by pain signals remaining active in the nervous system for more than six months after the injury or illness has healed, causing uninterrupted and high levels of discomfort. Some examples of chronic pain are headaches, arthritis, cancer, nerve pain, back pain, and Fibromyalgia.

Healthy Options for Pain Management

There are some types of chronic pain, severe pain, and inflammation that require a physician prescribed medication. However, those cautious of pharmaceuticals are taking pain management into their own hands by incorporating changes in lifestyle; using holistic remedies such as acupuncture, heat therapy, herbal remedies, injections, and meditation; or using plant-based medicines such as Hemp Oil.

Our Endocannabinoid System and Hemp Oil

The endocannabinoid system is composed of a complex, biological network of cell receptors. The cell receptors oversee bodily functions such as emotion, pain, sensation, appetite, digestion, and sleep. Our bodies thrive when our endocannabinoid system operates at its optimum capacity to facilitate a condition called homeostasis.

Homeostasis can be achieved when we introduce our bodies to Hemp Oil, which is derived from hemp, a sub-species of the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabinoids provide support to weakened cells and enhance the healthy ones. Hemp is non-psychoactive and doesn’t make you high. Research shows that the natural properties of Hemp Oil  provides pain management to chronic pain sufferers.

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