4 Ways to Minimize Chronic Pain at Bedtime

Does your chronic pain keep you up at night? If so, you are not alone! Many people suffer from sleep insomnia due to their chronic pain issues. This is because during the day, you are distracted by work, family, friends, etc. However, when you lie down to sleep, you are deprived of many of these distractions, which makes it easier to focus on your pain.

To learn how to minimize this bedtime pain, continue reading!

How to Minimize Bedtime Chronic Pain  

No single treatment works for everyone, but any of the following methods may help minimize your bedtime pain:


In your mind's eye, try picturing a relaxing scene such as gentle waves rolling onto a beach. You can try counting the waves as you slowly drift off to sleep. Some people also count backwards from 100 to help them go to sleep.

Deep breathing

You can practice deep breathing in any number of ways, but to begin simply inhale until the count of 4, and then exhale for the same amount of time.

Heat therapy

A disposable heat wrap can deliver pain-relief over the course of several hours to help you fall asleep.


This technique involves separating your pain from the rest of your body. For example, you can visualize your pain sitting on your dresser, and you can tell it to remain there for the night.

What if the Pain Persists?

If the above strategies fail to bring you enough relief from your pain to go to sleep, make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Here at Integrated Pain Solutions, we can review pain relief options and medications based upon your specific sleep needs. For more information on this topic, give us a call at 844-939-7246 (PAIN).