What is Radiofrequency Lesioning (Neurolysis) ?

What It Is

Radiofrequency Lesioning is a procedure to decrease the level of back and neck pain. Radio waves are delivered to the area of pain via needles that are inserted in the skin right above the affected area. The heat from the radio waves is targeted towards specific nerves and blocks their ability to send pain signals to the brain. To locate these specific nerves, imaging scans are used during the procedure.


  1. Lesion size can be controlled
  2. Quick recovery
  3. Long-lasting procedure; it can provide pain relief for years.
  4. Side effects are low
  5. If pain were to ever reoccur, the procedure can be done again


Radiofrequency Lesioning works better in some people than in others. Tests may be needed to determine if the nerves commonly targeted by Radiofrequency Lesioning are the same nerves responsible for your pain. Patients are only considered for this procedure if they have tried all etiologic treatments and all palliative nondestructive treatments.  Potential patients much also be free of significant psychological problems, like drug dependency, and should have responded favorably to repeated diagnostic trial blocks.

Radiofrequency Lesioning could be right for you! You shouldn't have to live with that pain. To learn more or to scedhule an appointment, contact IPS today!