What is Disc Biacuplasty?

Sometimes, pain from a damaged or displaced disk can be completely debilitating. For many sufferers, the standard treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, medication, injections, or rest can only provide limited relief. For long term relief, patients are often recommended highly invasive surgeries that have complicated risks and may not be entirely effective.

What is a Disc?

Discs are the cushion like pads that separate the vertebra in your spine. When a disc bulges, herniates, tears, or gets displaced it may cause pain in the area it resides.

What is Disc Biacuplasty?

Disc Biacuplasty literally means "a two-needle treatment of the disk". The procedure uses radio frequency technology to deactivate the nerves that are responsible for disc-related back pain. This procedure only takes around 30 minutes from start to finish, and does not require any general anesthesia. However, an IV will be used to pump antibiotics through your body to prevent infection. When you walk into the office, you will be asked to lay down on the x-ray table, where your back will be cleansed. Wherever your damaged disc is located, that area will be numbed. Then, the physician uses x-ray guidance to direct two probes into the disk through introducer needles. The radio frequency waves gently warm this area and the energy deactivates the sensory nerves around the disc that send pain signals to the brain. After 15 minutes of this treatment, the needles are removed and a bandage is placed on your skin.

What Happens After Procedure?

Over the next couple days, your muscles may be sore and your pain might even increase due to aggravation. In these instances, ice is better to apply than heat. You will be required to wear a brace for 30 days as a precautionary measure and should avoid lifting heavy objects. Your pain should start to disappear within the 2-3 week mark.


Depending upon your health and pain level, this procedure may be perfect for you! To learn more about Disc Biacuplasty, contact us and schedule an appointment today!