Do I need Neurostimulation?

What is it? 

Neurostimulation Therapy, or better known as spinal cord stimulation, is a process in which a small electric stimulator, similar to a pacemaker, is implanted along the spinal cord under the skin. This stimulator then sends out electric pulses which can alleviate the area of chronic back pain by making you feel a numb or tingling sensation. 

How it Works: 

Pain relief is achieved when the pain messages to the brain become modified. The Spinal cord stimulator delivers the electric current to the affected area, and these pulses reach the brain faster than the pain messages do. Therefore, the stimulator essentially outsmarts your back pain by making you feel a numb, tingly sensation instead of pain. 

The stimulator is customizable by using a programmer which can fit in the palm of your hand. This allows you to regulate the strength of the electric pulses you send out. 

Some Neurostimulation systems are so advanced, that the device automatically changes the level of stimulation depending on your movement positions. This is called Adaptive Stimulation, and it remembers the strength level of the electric stimulation for every position and then automatically applies it when you’re in that position again.  

Is Neurostimulation Right For You? 

The safety of Neurostimulation usage for children under the age of 18, or women who are pregnant has not been determined at this time. Also, there are some restraints to consider; patients should avoid strenuous activities that could damage the stimulator in any way. For instance, one of the restrictions prohibits patients from diving below ten feet of water. However, if you have ever suffered from chronic back pain for a long length of time, this treatment may be a great option for you!