How Yoga Can Help With Pain and Compliment Pain Meds

Practicing yoga is an increasingly popular exercise and rehabilitation method that has been in the spotlight for many years now, but still the sheer number of misconceptions and false stereotypes surrounding the practice of yoga really is astounding. “It’s just for women,” many people assume, or “It’s only effective when professionally prescribed for a particular injury or situation, or “I’m not flexible so yoga isn’t for me.” These are just a few of the dozens of misunderstands that seem to perpetuate many discussion about yoga. The truth is that none of those examples above are true; not one. Yoga is quite literally a universal physical discipline that can and will, with certainty, increase the quality of anyone’s life if practiced properly and with diligence. The list of benefits from practicing yoga is lengthy so we’ll focus here on a handful of the most prominent ones to get you started on the right track an arm you with truthful information, fostering a better understanding of how yoga can help you in your unique situation, no matter what it may be.

Yoga has been proven to directly help the following 5 areas:

Relaxed Body and Mind

One particular thing that yoga is designed to do is to allow you to truly connect your mind with your body which will allow you to really pinpoint and release tension, wherever it’s being held. Every muscle and every fiber that contains tension can be located, identified, and purged. This collectively frees your mind and body resulting in more control over yourself in many ways that you never knew you were possible. This is directly related to your eventually ability to by-pass medications and other pharmaceuticals in many situations and really allow your body to heal itself.


Get rid of the misconception that in order to do yoga, you already need to be “flexible.” This is false. Yoga of course will make you more flexible over time, but don’t let the fit models in promotional photography and advertisements prevent you from taking the plunge. Yoga will make your joints stronger and more yielding which has immense performance benefits, no matter if you are an football player, gymnast, runner, or stay at home parent. Millions upon millions of people suffer from injuries or discomforts related to joints, muscles, and tendons. Doing regular yoga will minimize these symptoms so that you can be active and do things that you love doing into old age. Your tendons and muscles will naturally deteriorate as you get older. Yoga can prolong this process…a lot.


Do you have coordination problems? Especially if you are an athlete in football, basketball, soccer, etc, balance and coordination is crucial to your overall performance and longevity in the sport. The ability to change directions quickly, jump and land comfortably, and do other maneuvers like spinning and pivoting, for example, are all contingent on these abilities. Practicing yoga has been proven time and time again to be one of the absolute best things you can do to increase your balance. This is one of the most lauded benefits that professional athletes disclose who practice yoga.

Body Awareness

Consistent yoga will bring you to a heightened understand of your own body. You will gain the ability to read and listen to your body, noticing it’s signals, messages, and tendencies better than ever. As a result, the chances of your avoiding injury will increase. You will be much less likely to overextend yourself during physical activity, knowing when enough is enough or when more is necessary. Increased body awareness increasing the quality of life exponentially.

Core Strength

When people refer to core strength, it can sometimes sound a little ambiguous. In reality, core strength is referring to the muscles that wrap around your torso. It’s more than just abs. It also involves back muscles as well. Often times core strength is ignored during traditional conditioning or weight lifting workout plans. Yoga focuses on it because it recognizes it as perhaps more important than anything else. A strong 4 core strength is the foundation for optimizing the rest of your body and your ability to control it, physically and mentally. Conclusion When you consider all of these reasons (and many more not mentioned here), you can see how yoga will reduce or eliminate pain - even chronic pain - as well as decrease the need to take pain medications. When you have more control over your body and mind as a whole, you say goodbye to surgeries, meds, and other painful and expensive rehabilitation methods. Give it a try. You’ll see the results.