Sympathetic Ganglion Blocks

Integrated Pain Solutions (IPS) offers many ways to reduce pain and improve function.  The procedures offered are listed online and can be described by clicking here.  

Pain can be caused by several different possibilities.  One common pain condition that occurs after an accident is called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS). This is just an example of one chronic pain condition. If you have had an accident, or are experiencing chronic pain, you may be a great candidate for IPS procedures.

 One of the procedures offered by IPS for pain management is called Sympathetic Ganglion Blocks.  The sympathetic nerve system has the stellate ganglion nerves that travel along both sides of the spine.  These nerves control things that we do not subconsciously control such as: blushing, pupil dilation, and sweating among others. If there is chronic pain in the arms or face, then an injection in the stellate ganglion nerves can reduce pain and swelling. 

The injection consists of anesthetic and medicine to numb the pain. The injection numbs these nerves in your neck and helps reduce pain to help people live a more normal life.  

Here are some details on the actual procedure.  First, the physician numbs the area of your neck and then injects the medicine, which numbs the nerves to reduce inflammation. The procedure may cause temporary effects such as a flushed face, droopy eye, and a tingly arm on the injection side. These will all subside in a few hours.

These injections are beneficial in helping to reduce chronic pain in the upper body, but can also help in the mid to lower portions of the body. If there is pain in the mid-section of the body, then IPS can perform a Thoracic or Lumbar Ganglion Block. These injections will be placed in the ganglion nerves in the thoracic or lumbar sections of the spine.  This will help reduce inflammation and pain in the same way as the neck or stellate injections. 

Lastly, there are procedures for hypogastric ganglion blocks which can help reduce pain in the pelvis or groin area.  A Ganglion Impar Block also targets pelvic or rectal pain in a similar way by blocking the nerves and numbing them. The Ganglion Impar is a structure located at the coccyx located at the base of the spine. The medicine injected will help fight inflammation in the nerves and block impulses. 

 Each of these procedures that are offered here at Integrated Pain Solutions are designed to help reduce pain and improve overall quality of life.  If sympathetic ganglion blocks sound like something that can help you, please contact your IPS provider and set an appointment to discuss if this procedure is right for you.