Integrated Pain Solution is now offering Movement Therapy FREE to all patients!




Movement Therapy Services

  • Individual assessments with clinical testing to recognize imbalances and produce a personal treatment plan
  • Personalized therapy program to reduce pain, increase mobility, and increase functionality of the body for daily activities
  • Instruction on strengthening and correctional movements for underlying improper postural patters while teaching how to prevent further injury through awareness of body mechanics
  • Individual and group yoga sessions to incorporate mindfulness

Benefits of Movement Therapy

  • Reduce pain and medication
  • Prevention of further injury
  • Improvement of daily function, daily activities, sleep and mood
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Classes Offered

Are you tired of hurting every time you get out of bed? Are you tired of not being able to do daily activities because of pain? If this sounds like you, ask your provider about our program at your first appointment. These classes will be focused on corrective movements to reduce pain, improve your daily function, and increase activity levels throughout your day.

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